Become a home stay host

Home stay host registrationWould you like to join us and have the pleasure of hosting students from all around the world? As a home stay host, it’s totally free to register.  Hosting students can be for short term study tours (2-6 weeks) or, for longer study periods (6-12 months), you decider.  We have a range of homestay programs that operate across Australia.

Getting ready to host

The first step is to complete the online application and get your property listed and ready for hosting.  If you already have a working with children clearance, great, if not we will guide you.

Hosts are paid weekly for accommodating students and our rates are in the FAQ section if you click on the chat icon on the bottom of the website.    So let’s get you started.  Click on the host registration below and that will take you to our property registration site first.  Once you complete that, we will guide you step by step.


Once you have registered we will then be in contact to finalise your application and get you ready to receive students.   Step one is to load your property and set up your preferences in your host dashboard.