Under 18 Homestay

under 18 standardsHomestay for Under 18 Students

Supported accommodation for students who are under 18.

GBS Homestay Bookings aims to meet and exceed standards as set out by AGSI below:

Homestay Standards

Recognising the importance of ensuring the safety and welfare of under 18 international students and their requirements in line with ESOS legislation, Australian Government Schools International (AGSI) have compiled the following homestay standards.

Homestay Residence Standards

A safe, secure, private bedroom for the student’s use with suitable storage space for clothes, personal effects and study materials, and suitable facilities including a desk, a chair and adequate lighting for study purposes;

  • The home is clean and has appropriate furnishings suitable for a family and students;
  • A shared or private bathroom, with reasonable time allowed for showers is accessible;
  • Access to kitchen, living areas, laundry facilities and shared areas of the home is offered;
  • There is adequate forms of heating in winter if required and some means of cooling in summer;

Students are to be provided with any keys, alarms or passwords required to have free access to the homestay residence.

Homestay Provider / Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Ensures that all adults residing at any homestay premises have current checks and clearances for working with children as required by the appropriate state or territory regulatory body;
  • Conducts assessments of the homestay with access to all areas of the homestay premises for the purposes of checking compliance with the homestay standards required by the education provider;
  • Ensuring host families have appropriate insurance policy cover for students residing in their home;
  • That there is regular access to training of host families;
  • Providing a 24 hour emergency number that all stakeholders can contact in the event of an emergency;
  • Maintains regular contact with host families, students and school staff as required.

Host family Responsibilities

  • Provide a safe and welcoming homestay family environment that will encourage students to experience life as a member of the family and, where suitable, include students in family related activities;
  • Provide an orientation within the family home, the use of facilities and security. This should include household protocols and safety rules about access and the use of shared areas or facilities such as swimming pools, internet, telephone, mealtimes, visitors and appropriate times to return home during the week and on weekends;
  • Orientate students to the local area including public transport and getting to and from school; the location of shops, doctors or medical facilities; and recreation areas;
  • Ensure the student is aware of emergency numbers including 000, location of police stations and Australian laws pertaining to under 18 year olds;
  • Ensure that students are appropriately supervised at all times throughout the duration of residing in the homestay including:
  • Maintaining suitable supervision of students outside of school hours;
    monitoring the student’s general welfare including the students’ social activities;
  • Attend interviews with school staff, at enrolment, parent meetings and as required by the school;
  • Contact the school regarding any student welfare, academic progress and attendance issues;


Notify the homestay coordinator two weeks in advance, or as soon as practicable if this is not possible, of any change of circumstances in the household including if the homestay provider:

  • proposes to materially change the homestay residence in such a way that will affect their ability to meet the homestay residence standards listed above;
  •  is temporarily unable to provide accommodation or suitable supervision for periods of holidays or other periods;
  • intends to change address or contact details;

In addition;

  • Ensure the student resides in their approved address at all times and notify the homestay coordinator and the school immediately if the student fails to do so or intends to move;
  • Assist and support the student’s attendance at the school and support the completion of homework assignments where required;
  • Meet with the international student coordinator or homestay coordinator, as required by the school/education provider;
  • Assist the student to access any necessary medical, dental, hospital or other health-related services, including making appointments and, where necessary, accompany the student to those appointments and if required advise the school / homestay coordinator of any medical issues.

Training and safety

  • We train our hosts to support under 18 students to ensure their welfare requirements are being met and exceeded.
  • We provide a personalised pickup from airport and custom check in service on departure

Student Tours

Study ToursStudent Education Study Tours

Global Booking Services specialises in group study tours for international students.  We currently provide services to universities, schools and English colleges across Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney.


Working with agents.

Our support starts from initial inquiry through to day of departure, its a full specialist service.  Our student tour mixes includes high school students in share placement, pre-university students in twin private rooms, or single host family placements.You will discover working with GBS Homestay Bookings that your tour run much smoother.   Our customised arrival and tour management planning system ensure we work closely with you from start to finish.





We support:

  • Single and shared placement tours for schools, English colleges and universities
  • Under 18
  • Over 18

Providing the following:

  • Study Tours Home StayOn ground excursions during tour period (for more information on local excursions CLICK HERE)
  • Airport pickup and delivery to school or directly to homestay
  • Arrival orientation and welcome
  • Airport departure from homestay or designated school pickup location

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